Nothing massages your ego like making an entrance in a stretch limo but a lot of people only really know how to enter and exit the vehicle in style without concentrating on the fun bit in between; partying in the limo!

Nearly everyone’s first experience of being a passenger in a limo is at your school prom, more often than not filled with the chronic stench of nerves due to your impending last dance with (hopefully) the person you have longed after all the way through puberty.

Being in your mid-teens, unable to drink alcohol and wearing a shirt for the first time outside of a funeral, means you probably only used the limo to get from A to B, so officially popping your limo cherry may come later in life when you’re of age and particularly shirt savvy.

Get The Music Right

First up, the sounds. Making sure you check the limo is a fully equipped with a decent sound system so you can get the party started with a selection of feel good music, bearing in mind that the limo is the warm up to a great night out, so choose your music carefully…no guilty pleasures like Enya or Duran Duran’s infamous covers album – Thank You.

Party Bags

A great way to get everybody in the party mood is to make up some interesting party bags packed with goodies like party poppers, risqué toys, masks and maybe individual bottles of 70% Russian vodka to really kick start the evening. It’s also a nice touch to get the driver to hand the bags out as you all get into the limo.

Drinking Games

Nothing beats a good drinking game and although drinking responsibly is encouraged, getting the night started is the issue at hand. If you’re stuck for ideas for drinking games then one of our personal favourites is the “Roxanne Drinking Game”; all you need is a copy of The Police – Roxanne and a drink each.

Boys on one side and girls on the other, the game requires the girls to drink every time Sting sings “Roxanne” and the boys to drink every time he sings “put on the red light”. Simple and highly effective in more ways then one.

Let Everyone Know You’re In A Limo!

Finally, one of the most popular (and slightly annoying) party techniques is to ensure that the rest of the outside world is fully aware that you’re partying in a limo, so make sure at least all of the windows are open and you have an official social media operative constantly updating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even Bebo.

Of course, don’t just leave the windows open and freeze to death, make sure you’re waving, shouting and abusing as many of the general public as possible, even if it means some mild nudity is necessary to cause just enough offence to passers-by.


Now you know the tricks of the trade, it’s time to hire your limo and get the party started safe in the knowledge that you and your friends are sure to have a good time; just try not to get pulled over.