Unless you’re accustomed to limousine life and regularly ride to awards ceremonies, exclusive parties or you simply have enough money to be chauffeured everywhere; hiring a limo is an exciting prospect that will leave you giddy with excitement as soon as you place your order.

For us mere mortals it’s easy to get excited about such a luxury mode of transport and even easier to get over excited and begin thinking of the amazing things we can get up to while riding in style.
There are a few things that you really shouldn’t get up to in the back of a limo, some obvious, some dangerous and some that could simply just ruin your night. Remember, riding in a limo is usually just the beginning of your night, don’t let it be the end.

Don’t drink too much

Without sounding like your mother, it really is a good idea to take heed of this rule, and not just when riding in a limo.
When pulling up to your destination you want the transition from limo to venue to be smooth, elegant and most importantly…cool.
If you’re in a limo where you are allowed to drink it can rapidly go downhill as soon as the initial champagne glasses chink together, and if you’re not a drinker, your transition from limo to venue could be an embarrassing one. Don’t be the person covered in their own vomit; stumbling out of the limo with your trousers round your ankles or your dress stuffed into your knickers.

Don’t smoke

Most limousine companies have stopped smoking in their hire cars but let’s face it, even if you are allowed to smoke it’s probably better to take into consideration the other passenger’s lungs.
You’re probably only going to be in your limousine for half an hour, if you can’t go without smoking for that long then you probably don’t need me to tell you that you have no will power. More importantly all the passengers are likely to be dressed to the nines in tuxedos and dinner dresses, so don’t tar everyone’s (and your own) clothes with the stench of stale cigarette or cigar smoke; it’s not nice, no matter how cool it looks.

Don’t expose yourself

Again, another unwritten rule that plays a key role in being an acceptable human being in life in general, is not to be inappropriate and make others feel uncomfortable.
Usually a product of breaching rule number 1, riding in a limo can make some people feel invincible and we can see why. For a short period of time you and your friends are living the life of the elite, a lifestyle that tricks you into believing that normal rules don’t apply, protected by the safety of the limo.
Here’s the scenario. You’ve got the windows down, you’re drinking, you’re waving at pedestrians, you’re drinking, you begin to get braver, you’re drinking, you’re waves turn to obscene hand gestures, you’re drinking, you’re obscene hand gestures turn to obscene gestures involving your rectum, you are arrested and put in the back of a police car, you’re future is uncertain.

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably a great person who understands limousine etiquette, but if you have some friends that aren’t as socially aware then feel free to forward them a link to this blog as a subtle hint. Enjoy the ride!